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Welcome to my Amiga Computing page, For those of you who don't know; An AMIGA is a totally different kind of computer,
As Different as the Macintosh, But Easier to use. There Will be Graphics here as soon as I get the pics taken, scanned, and sized. The Scanner makes them massive, 'cause I'm a quality freak. But ImageFx is working great !

Whats Here?

Basically Just me struttin about my computers. My Favorite Computer is My old Amiga 4000. It has seen me through a lot,
And I expect to keep it for a while yet. Since AMIGA Inc. hasn't designed a replacement for the near future.
However, There is supposed to be a new machine out this Summer !!


New news: Amiga bought by a startup Co. run by Bill McEwan & Fleecy Moss!!!!,

They have re-named thier company to Amiga something or other,
and got all rights to the Amiga name & equipment Including the websites.
Nothing yet on when we can expect anything new at this point....
He just got it the first week of Jan 2000, Watch the Amiga Inc Site for news...

Now has agreements with TAO group and Haage & Partner.
Also Saying they have Amiga OS & Corel LinuxOS running with Corel(tm) Wordperfect 2000 Smoothly.
And many other Linux Programs (Quote: "Over 117 applications including many games")
More to follow

On the Local Front:

I have recieved & installed OS 3.5, It will run on all the existing machines, as long as you have OS3.1 Rom(s).
I like it, as it seems to run ReTargetable Graphics much smoother. There are a lot of improvements in it over the old system.
People are saying it won't install right, But I had no problem once I started from a clean workbench.
Shut down all your patches!!! Then install it, It should go fine.
I noted I had to Select YES to the query about a 4x IDE adapter to get an install of a User group members' copy to work,
but it could be the machine, It has a Warp accelerator & a Toaster/Flyer installed.

So what Amiga's do I have?

  • Amiga 1000 what can I say, It's a classic
  • Amiga 500 4 of them, one with HDD, OS 3.1, 4Megs RAM, DigiView,
    One with Lots of ram on OS 1.3
  • Amiga 2000 My sons machine, 68030/50, 8 Megs RAM, 2 HDDs, CD-Rom, Opalvision soon as he sends it back for upgrade. (He's off in the Navy.)
  • Amiga 3000 Just got it, had to complete the set ;)
  • Amiga 1200HD * 2 One is laid up for parts
  • Amiga 4000 My Baby, OS 3.5, Cyberstorm 68060@50Mhz with oncard SCSII 3 with Barracuda HDD's & Quantum 2.1G very fast HDD, CybervisionPPC 8Meg graphics board, Ariadne II ethernetcard hooked to the cable modem !!!, Octagon 2008 SCSII: 6x CD-Rom,Yamaha 16x CDRW, 29 Gigs on 5 HDD's total, Flatbed Scanner, Mimetics Framebuffer, Golden Gate Bridgeboard, Tape Drive Backup, HP 697C Deskjet. 17" multiscan monitor, Nec II multisync,VR Goggles, VR Glove, more...
  • A4000 with Video Toaster! Dual TBC IV's, 50Mhz 040 with loads of Ram. 2 SCSI Barracuda HDD's, 24xCDR, more...

So wheres all the action in Amiga world? Some is right here!!
Wearing my VR Goggles

This Page last updated Mar 6 2002.
Ya, It's been a while but not much is happening in the Amiga World. Bummer.
My Systems still work though ! How old is your oldest working PC???