Prof's Family Page

Welcome to my Family page, Dedicated to my Tolerant Wife.
I must give thanks to my wife and daughter for putting up with all the time I spend on the Computers.
You've probably all heard of football widows, Well, my wife is a computer widow.

And she will tell you this is much much worse, Since there is no off-season!!

And if I'm not in front of a computer, It's because I'm off flying somewhere!!!

My son is no problem, He's in the NAVY. Currently somewhere near the middle east.

My Daughter is totally intolerant, being a typical Teenager... Oh Well...

My Wife My Wife My Daughter My Daughter

My Sons Family, and My 1st Grand Child, Mercury Marie
My Son & Family My GrandChild, Mercury

These are fairly recent pictures and they are OK,
but I'm holding the resolution down for loading time.

Whats Here?

Not a lot, But I must pay homage where it's due. They put up with a lot.

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I will answer mail if I have the time, I usually do . I will fix the page as soon as possible.
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