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With the various Rule additions I've gathered, You can play a Human, a Mutant Human, A Humanoid Animal, An intelligent animal, or even An Intelligent Plant.
One expansion even allows Robot & Cyborg characters. ( GM's option )
I also make my characters using the "Up and Running" Suppliment from Dragon magazine. This supp gives your beginnig character a chance at owning & understanding a weapon & armor handed down from his family.
This gives a much better starting character survival rate. I allow my players to do the same. I also allow other suppliment rules from Dragon Magazine. I am always on the lookout for copies of Dragon magazine suppliments or modules I don't have.
This game has been through four actual Versions, The third version being best in my opinion. The 1st version was a very deadly thing, Too realistic to really be enjoyable. The second was an improvement, But the Third! Well...
The 3rd Ver rules are the most realistic Combat & Armor rules that I've seen in my many years of personal RPGing. IE; Wpns do more damage depending on how well you hit & Armor reduces damage taken in a round.
And A HIGHER armor class is Better - only logical, yes?
It is a bit complicated with lots of optional modifiers, But you can thin it down easy enough.
In the fourth version T$R tried to force that THAC0 system on me again.
! ! ! ! NEVER ! ! ! !
This bad boy is actually in one of the
modules released from TSR for the 3rd
version rules. I also have a pewter
figure of him,
It's a limited Producton Ral Partha
issue standing about 4" tall.
A Full size 560K JPG of this Pic

Gamma World is currently Non-Supported by T$R.
I'm waiting & Hoping on Wizards of the Coast...

I recently found a Web Ring for Gamma World. See below to travel the Ring.
I have also set up Character Generator and Random Terrain Programs for your use:

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