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Nero is similar to all the Medeval stories, with Magic, Fighters, Monsters, Treasure and all the things you expect.
NERO is different from most in that you dont roll dice, you actually play out the combat, Weapons are light, covered with foam, and designed to not hurt people.

As your Character plays and for some other things, You get points to allocate to your skills.
As you go up in total points you get more body 'hit points' and you do more damage as you invest your Build points 'Experience' in your skills.
You can also wear Armor, tho many players do not. You get 5 points of 'Armor' for wearing a costume that looks reasonable in period.
You get more Armor points for actual Armor. Different Classes have different maximum armor.
You must wear a Phys Rep or Physical representation of your armor to get the points.
I have a few pictures of Myself, and my Family in Full costume.

Here is a Picture of my brother Ta'nar, Tordak the Barbarian, And Myself Crogar.
You will notice I wear less than the other 2. Thats because I'm a templar, I can also throw Spells.
Ta'nar actually wears more armor than you can get points for, He's crazy that way, but he looks good in it.
As you can see, Ta'nar and Crogar have invested in some nice Latex swords, while young Tordak has standard 'Boffer' weapons.
We also tend to be the 3 heaviest armored at any given gathering. I am getting more armor before the next Gathering. I will post new Pictures.
This is a Picture of my Wife Aries, And Myself. . . . . . . This is a Picture of my Wife Aries, And Myself in my New Armor.
OK, so only part of it is new, It still rocks.
These are Pictures of my brother Ta'nar And Myself in our New Armor.
OK, so only part of it is new, I still Love it.
This is a Picture of my Sister in Law Katrina, And My Wife Aries

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