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Radio Remote Control is one of my oldest hobbies. I've been Flying R.C. Aircraft on & off for over 25 years.
My first Bird was a Navigator Seaplane of the flying boat style.
I've built, flown, & lost several since then, Moving is HELL on planes...

I currently have 2 Helicopters, 4 planes, and an old beat up glider.

But I still have my Awesome Futaba 8 channel PCM airplane radio !
It awaits my next aircraft construction. I'm thinking P-38 Lightning, Comments?

OK, Here's the currently flyable fleet. I've been flying the Heli's so long I need to start over on Planes now.
I couldn't pass up the Big F-15 though! more on that below.
1 heli, 1 trainer, 1 Propjet & 1 Ducted Fan Jet

First, The Heli's

I have pretty much put the old chopper on the wall as parts are no longer available and I'd hate to smash it up now.
My old heli is an original blue body Hirobo shuttle complete except for 3 parts,
If you know where I can get the original landing gear legs, the washout levers, and/or the throwout plate for the tail rotor
please let me know!
E-Mail me: ramjet @ metrocast dot net <== This broken up to avoid the spam bots.
The bird is flyable as it is, but I'd like to restore it to all original.
So call me sentimental, I've had her a long time...
An 40K gif of my old chopper
An 81K jpg of my chopper & I
I finally bought a good Helicopter capable radio
and it makes a major difference,
I'd never have learned to fly this thing with my old one.

This was my training Chopper, a Hirobo Shuttle Z
It has a OS.32 engine and all the upgrades.
Tuned pipe, ball bearings everywhere, aftermarket improvements too...
It flies great, I don't....
Note the severely extended landing gear
That's to keep it right side up while I'm training!!!

Trying to learn to fly this monster with no instructor is costing me,
I learn what not to do by smashing into the ground...

You see the Awesome NHP carbon fiber rotor blades?
Well, they are trash now, and another set along with them.
I'll be using wood blades until I get a lot better at this.

Well, This one is in the parts box now... I smashed it beyond repair.
See the note on the Ranger body below about that....

This is what the Chopper looked like with the Jet Ranger body. Looks great, doesn't it!
[ Ugly bugger behind it tho, eh >;-) ]

Well, It lasted for a whole 2 weeks.

Tip: Always check your connections for a tight fit after working on your bird.
It flew well until I put it in the first tight turn, Then I lost the Yaw (rudder) servo.
The crash was memorable.

Note to Brain; Practice Autorotations, Learn it, Do It!!!
The bird was fixed, but the body still needs repair, The nose piece is replaced...
But I think I can save the great detailing on the sides.
I'm flying it in standard pod & boom configuration for a while.

NEW NOTE to Brain; Do NOT fly right across the sun!!!

The bird is now totalled, If I didn't still have the Ranger body to put on it,
I'd scrap it & just go to the bigger bird. Now I must debate....
Enough debating, this body is too cool to waste, I gotta finance a replacement Heli.

These are pics of my X-Cell 60, my latest acquisition. And I Got a steal of a price on it. It came ready to fly with the radio, for $600 !!
Too bad I crashed on the third takeoff...
OK, Fixed it, Flew it a lot, crashed some more, Still LOVE this bird.
Found out it's practically obsolete, but I can get parts easily enough.
As a matter of fact, these pics are of the repaired bird hovering during lunch at my work!
This one is over twice the power of the other 2, and a much increased rotor span too.
I'm Doing Loops and Rolls now, and high - G manuevers.
Thats what ended in my last crash! I looped so hard I threw the control battery out!
I'v even got it on video, it was helpful in determining what happened!
That wont happen again, everything is strapped in securely now.
OK, I've done inverted Hover for a short time and an inverted pass down the runway.
OK so I did it 100+ feet off the ground, Do I look stupid enough to go lower so soon?

OK, Don't answer that! ;-)

And Now, To the Planes

This is the used H-Ray I picked up to train for flying planes again.
I decided I needed a trainer after I got my big F-15,
[see below]
I needed to brush up on plane flying, since I haven't done it in 15 years!
I put a old Fox .25 in it, Hope it still runs OK
We'll see how it goes....
OK, the old fox runs Good... at full throttle, dead stick landing every flight isnt fun.
So, I traded it for a used OS .25, runs good, idles too!, Onward, fly, practice practice...
OK, so after only a few flights my instructor said "You dont need me"
This is the Pink Flyer my brother designed, It's a Park Flyer electric type plane.
He brought me one when He came to visit this fall. It's fun to fly, but I prefer a faster plane.
It does have one serious advantage!
I dont need a runway for it, it flies from my hand and I can catch it to stop!
You might ask, "Why is that such an advantage?
Well, Last week it snowed about 2 feet here!!!
Naturally, We havent got the runway quite dug up yet,
We are still digging our way into the Field from the road!!!
Click the Picture to check out the website I'm building for him,
Be aware, It's still a work in progress. I'm still getting info and Pictures one by one from him.
His Internet connection is slow, He lives in the country.

This is my latest bird for training to fly planes again.
A Great Planes .40 size semi scale Propjet F-15.
I put a rebuilt Jett Engineering .50 in it, It should really scream!!!
Yup, It's a screamer! WooHoo!!! This thing is a blast!!!
It should work well as a step up to the Big F-15, [see below]
This bird was built by Bucky, A fellow member of the local RC model Club.
He builds great looking aircraft, I'm very happy with the results.
Practice, practice, practice, summer is ending...
OK, It's not as pretty any more, some impact modifications to the nose and several patches on the wings where the thorns got it...
But, I can fly it around and land it, it's Just faster than the Trainer,
LOTS Faster, in the 100 MPH area at full throttle.
Almost Time to Fly the Big Jet... Need a smooth runway...

Here's the reason I'm flying Planes again!
I picked up a used Ducted Fan powered F-15. It's a Top Gun Aircraft kit.
It's 67" long, 51" wingspan, has Spring-Air retracts, and is fairly close to scale.
It's got a Byron 6" DF powered by a K&B .82 engine. It runs great now that I relocated the needle valve.
I got it used from a gentleman who no longer had room for it. It's got some hanger rash but was in good shape overall.

I changed the aileron pushrods to 4-40 from the lighter stuff it had. Then I replumbed the fuel system with Large dia tubing to avoid leaning out due to fuel suction. I actually upgraded the needle valve while I was in there. It's got in-flight mixture control now.

The paint job really sucked me in. It's wearing the logo from my first flying squadron in the US Air Force! . And I was there when the first F-15's went Operational!
OK, So I'm an old fart now, that doesn't mean I can't have some fun.
This plane is very cool, and since the wings are glassed on, It's Huge!
I'm told I probably can't fly it at the local field. The runway is minimum length for it.
So now you know why I needed to brush up on my plank flying... ;-)
OK, Power- Good. Fuel- Good. Runway- clear. Sky is empty - Everyone want to watch this one...
Taxi to end of Runway, Lined up, Nose steering to low rate, Deep Breath...
Go to full power, not leaned out, It's just sitting there in the grass not moving !!!
Twist the knob, Lean it out, Pipes up hard, moving immediately ! Crosswind is making it drift right...
Holding it on track with nose steering on low rate. (good thing I'v got dual rates on Rudder/Steering)
YES!!! It made it off the grass runway ... barely.
Everything starts happening VERY fast now, this thing really moves along.
Taking Off and climbing out . . . . . . . . . Landing Hot ! (Click for a .mov of the landing)
Slowly climbing, turning to the right... Downwind leg is bumpy air, wind is gusting 15-25 MPH across the runway...
Level off about 250 feet up, get a feel for the controls... needs a touch of up and left roll trim.
Pitch and Roll are quite sensitive, I should get it on low rates, but I need to trim it first...
Start the turn upwind, back the mixture off from full-lean Takeoff power & throttle back to 75%...
AND then ... The engine dies !!! Finish the turn to face the runway, Still high, diving at a 45 degree angle to maintain speed and get it down to the runway...
Over the runway at ~5 feet altitude, too fast, bleeding speed... Crosswind is tossin it around...
She settles in over 1/2 way down the runway and rolls into the weeds off the end...
Run and Fetch it back and find NO damage ! Party Time !!!
Now for the Post flight exam... Turns out I Obliterated the Glow plug in the lean mixture takeoff,
So I need to back away from that setting a bit, Thinking back, I set it with the hatch open,
and I know that affects the mix, I just dont know how much.
Next time I'll go back 5 clicks from the Peak before closing the hatch, 2 obviously wasn't near enough.
I had plenty of fuel remaining in the tanks, Hardly touched it actually, So flights well over 5 minutes should be normal.
I bent the nose gear slightly, maybe on take off, maybe on the over-run landing. No big deal either way.
Now to talk the club into paving the runway... heh heh heh... Then I won't have to push it so hard for the takeoff.
Then for some cool oleo struts... and brakes... It never ends...
OR just land on grass and take off on pavement, thats the best of both worlds;
Pavement for good accel, Grass for soft forgiving landings and Stopping the fast landings

OK, it's been a while and I have dead stick landed that bird Every time it flies.
Time for a new motor. Got an OS 90DF for it. Now I just have to fix the damage from the last flight.
Ripped out one main ger and the nose gear and did some damage to the nose fiberglass.

Been thinking about a bird with a bit more detail.
OK, Im seriously drooling over this one!! Avonds F-15 !
Tell me what you think Folks...

There Will be more pictures here as soon as I get them Shot, Scanned, and linked in.

However, It's Impossible to fly & take photo's at the same time...

In the Meantime Check out the Local Club's site..

Whats To Come?

Airwolf to the rescue?

Well, I'm really hankering for that Airwolf body I see in the magazines and on the Web for the 60 size bird.
Retracts and Guns heh heh heh,
But it's rather expensive so I'm waiting until I stop crashing so much.
Now This guy is a real thinker, Maybe I'll look into something in this vein...
I'v been told the shape of the X-Cell's new canopy is very Reptilian...
Green scaly flying monsters, anyone?

Thats about it for flying stuff for now.
Drop me a line if you will be in the area, We can go flying!
E-Mail me:

I would also like to use R.C. to link my Amiga Computer to my Robot Omnibot, Taking his abilities to a new level.
Or trying out the new system I downloaded for controlling RC servo's from a Serial port...

I'm also Interested in Going to or possibly competing in Robot Wars.
For more info about Robot Wars visit:ROBOTWARS

UPDATE: Too bad that died out.
Everything I like on TV has a short life span, I feel it's because the average viewer is unable to deal with Hi Tech.

Oh yeah, I also have a CJ-7 Super Wheelie Jeep that I got while stationed on Okinowa.
It's fun when I get the itch to tear up some mud...