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Welcome to my Gaming page

My Favorite Games include but are not limited to the following ;

Gurps Traveller

An old standard SCI-FI Space Genre game,
GURPS has given it a twist, seems cool so far..
These Pics are from the covers of some of the books.
From what I've experienced, the game is quite a blast.
I found a on-line group to play in for a while.
I'm thoroughly[sp?] enjoying it.
I hope to find a local group soon, This is my kind of game!


A new SCI-FI Space Genre game, seems cool so far..

These Pics are from the covers of the Players & GM Guide books.
From what I've read in them, the game is quick to start & is very open for development by us players at this time.
Unfortunatelt T$R dumped this one before it really cought on.
However, There is some good source material for those who look.


A Cyberpunk / Dark Future game by FASA with lots of Technology & Magic in it.
I'm a bit new to this one. I prefer playing the GM Dreaded Decker and Rigger type characters.
If you want to see more join IRC channel #Shadowrun on If you want to see more about Shadowrun or know more about my Character,
Ramjet check out this link. For those using Amiga computers, I'm also working on a couple Programs to assist you in Shadowrun.
Leave word on the Guest book if you want to know more.


A Future Combat sytle Wargame & RPG also by FASA, with a colorful 'History'.
A major time consumer for me. I am the Commander of a Mercenary outfit.
I play with a small group on 3D terrain with metal minuratures.
Yes, It gets Expensive. I've Hosted a running campaign of this for years now.
We do More Combat than RPGing, Although we are moving towards more Role Playing.

Gamma World

My oldest Favorite.
A post Nuclear Holacaust game that runs to fantasy a bit.
This game combines a Collapsed Civilization with Mutations (many fun & useful ones & a few defects) and 'Alien Artifacts' (these are very rare and not in every GM's campaigns).
It is set in the Future with Robots, Anti-Gravity and such Technology now mostly lost to Mankind.
If you would like to see more, Including a Gamma World Webring, Jump into my
Gamma World section with this link.

Space Master

A Space Sci-Fi Genre Role-Playing game with Ship combat suppliments.
This one is Pure Sci-Fi, no Fantasy, & Very Hi-Tech. I love it.
I've got the rules, the Modules, the Campaigns, The Expansions,
Even the Star Strike Ship combat Game & Suppliments! all of it, BUT...
Like most I.C.E. games the complexity of character creation scares away all my potential players... It's a Development Points to skills allocation Monstrosity.
I'm working on a Computerized Points Allocation program to deal with this.

I've played a number of other other games, including Years of D&D, AD&D,
some Star Frontiers, Car Wars, Paranoia, several SSI boardgames, and Certainly Some I've forgotten... I've had time for it, I started Gaming around 1978. And have played most of the time since.

I've also played a lot of computer games, many that the younger among you won't have even heard of.
My first computer had a massive 1 K of Ram.
That's not a typo either. The Ram Expansion for it had a total of 16 K.
I programmed it by punching in hex code from magazines.
But that's a story for another page...

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I will answer mail if I have the time (I usually do, comments are much appreciated).
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One of my goals is to rewrite this site into VR once I have the tools,
the language is still a bit tough to do some things with...

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