Greetings from Ramjet, as I'm generally known when playing Shadowrun on IRC.
I'd like to let you know a bit about my Character and my Philosiphy.
And No, I don't always spell correctly... So shoot me.

I am a Suit born & bred, At least I was 'till a few months back. I was getting really tired of dad always caving in and letting the Corp test anything they liked in my head!

They ( the Corp suits ) were happily training me up to be thier little matrix watchdog.
But I wasn't happy with them constantly putting experimental 'ware in my head. Some of that stuff was really bad! You've never imagined such headaches! So I decided to find out why.

I started slacking off just a bit on the advantages the stuff gave me. So they didn't know just how good I was getting.
You know, taking time to see how & why stuff worked instead of just jumping right in.

Then I started playing about in the Corp database when no-one was watching. I learned how to manipulate the data that showed what they had done to me & what I should be able to do with it. I also found out some of it was not expected to work well before they ever put it in! They just wanted to see the Effects !
THAT really rubbed me the wrong way.

Then I started looking into just what the Corp goals were for me. I didn't like what I found. I had hardly any future upward track at all. Even though dad was a good worker for them & I was getting pretty good at Decking. I was to be a watchdog 'till I died & they didn't give me that many years before some hotshot intruder got lucky & flatlined me.
If I continued to do real good I'd end up in the Corp raiding squad intruding in competition's systems 'till THAT got me killed.

So I decided to get out. I checked into rumors I heard and things I noticed on the matrix. I found out about how Shadowrunners could live free of Corps deciding what they did & got. So I started saving some credit in a savings account ( I told them I wanted to buy a car.) I also started learning how to build Cyberdecks. That raised a few eyebrows, But I covered it saying if I knew more about how they worked it should help my work.
So in a few months I had built a decent deck from bits & pieces I snitched in the labs. Once I had some Newyen saved up I decided it was time to go, Then something good happened.

The Corp needed to test some new Cybergear that would supposably give a decker a BIG edge. I made sure the files showed I needed the upgrade more than my co-workers ! Thats how I got my edge in the Matrix. Brand new Cyber, a complete setup. Datajack level 4, Headware memory, Encephalon, and A Math SPU.

Now was the time. I set up a trip to shop for my 'car', Jacked into the matrix with the best programs the lab had and visited Corp headquarters. There I erased most of my file, leaving just bits I wanted them to 'recover' like a different SIN, then making a copy I did the same to the local files. Then I loaded up a little Grey ICE I designed while I waited into my local personal file. After that I packed my deck in the bottom of an overnight bag, Put my creds in a certified stick and went shopping.

I don't know how long it took them to miss me, But the first time anyone tried to open my file it Ate itself and the Deckers programs courtesy of the little piece of ICE I left.

So here I am in Seattle, Gettin some new Cyber installed for the street life & lookin for a run. I have had some up's N downs in employment, My first job paid awesome but I lost my deck So the net gain after replacing it was zero! However, the Replacement Deck is a much better designed & constructed unit. And I built it with upgrades in mind, So I suppose I got a profit of sorts out of it all.

I said I was going into my Philosiphy, But I didn't. Well, suffice it to say, I don't use lethal force on anyone until they try it on me first. Then the kid gloves come off, And I won't be mourning your corpse. Or cryin in my soycaf.

Well, Enough ranting, Drop in and catch me at the local Gridpoint.


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