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Welcome to my Robotics page. I currently have 7 working Robots.

A Typical Robo, R2D2 with arms.

One is a Remote Control Toy called Omnibot.
He's a cute thing for party's and kids to play with.
Having a walkie talkie reciever on board, 3 digital timers,
It has a cassette recorder/player built in so you can Play music
or record a series of movements and Speaking/effects for repitition later.
This lets you Pre-program the 'Bot to Be your Rolling
Family Alarm Clock if you are Sadistic enough!

Hero is a Big Blocky fellow.

The second is an old Educational Robot called HERO Jr.

He is a Real Robot in that he runs instructions on a microprocessor.
An 8088 microprocessor, but still a micro..., Yes, 8 bits, and very slow in todays world.

He has SONAR, Light, And Infra Red Sensors to use in various ways.
Hero can be programmed to do things like Security Patrol and Fire Patrol,
Sounding an Alarm as Programmed.
He can also play some games from program cartridges.
I would love to get hold of the bigger version with the arm.

Robosapien is a newer toy / programmable robot.

The Third is my first Robosapien robot.
Mine is in the less known Gold finish
He is somewhat a Real Robot in that he runs instructions on a microprocessor.
He has Sound and Infra Red Sensors to use in various ways.
He can be programmed to do sequences of built in functions as well as being a remote toy.

I have modified his power input to reduce battery consumption and make him move better with supercaps on the motor board input.
This makes all his movements snappier and more precise, but affected his walking a bit.
It makes the batteries last longer because the surge to the motors is filled by the supercaps.

Robosapien #2 is a clear casing version of #1

This Robosapien is the transparent casing version.
These bots are pre programmed to walk, turn, dance, pick up, and throw small items.
They have 3 different gaits for walking on different surfaces and making different speed.

As with the others, his batteries are in the feet, thus keeping a low center of gravity.

He has not been modified as you would be able to see the ugly mods right through the shell.

Roboraptor is the dinosaur version of the Robosapien series

This Robosapien is the dinosaur version of the series.

He has the usual sensors but is more raptor like in programming, rather aggressive.
The remote has controls for three mood settings, Passive, normal, & aggressive.
It also has controls which rotates the neck in a circle moving the head up, left, down, & right.

Roboquad is the dinosaur version of the Robosapien series

This Robosapien is the Quad / Spider version of the series.

His walk is much more stable than the others, but he can be walked right off a table, so beware of where you leave him.
He WILL wander off after a while.

He has the usual sensors but They seem to be newer better versions of the sensors.

He also seems to have better programming, and is rather aggressive like the raptor.

He acts like he has lasers in his head, firing them at targets he tracks.

Robosapien V2 is a newer larger version

This Robosapien is the newer larger stronger version.

He has been only lightly modified as I have added a volume pot, He is LOUD.
He needs the supercaps as he is a battery eating monster.
I have also read of adding a pair of Bright White LED's in the head to aid in the color vision.
I will be doing this mod and have the parts on hand, just lack the time.

His batteries are in the feet as the smaller bipeds, but he takes 6 D cells !!
He also has a pair of AA batties to power his brians and vision. If they get low his vision suffers badly.

This robot has built in interaction sequences with the other robosapiens including the dog that I don't have
He also has hands big enough to carry a soda can but not strong enough.That will be changed.
I've heard the prototypes could carry a full 12oz soda but they cut the grip so a child could pull away if the robot grabbed an arm.

As you can see, he falls down a lot, and the kids love to play with him.
Thus he is quite dirty and it really shows on the white shell.

Femisapien is the new female version of #1

This Robosapien is the newer female version and is much closer in size to the original.
She is also much cleaner and more human in shape, some say too human in the chest.
She does seem to be the Barbie equivalent in robo circles, being very large in the bust.
She has not been modified as of this time. This one does not come with a remote, instead, you push her hands like joysticks.
She then responds to various combinations of the cardinal hand positions to do pre-programmed sequences.
Each hand can go forward, back, in or out. Similar to the first joysticks.
The hands do not open and close like the others, they are made more like a slot to slide a business card into.
I have found that she does respond to the original remote and performs the same function as the original robot.
I have not yet tried the interaction with the Robosapien V2.
I am not sure he has anything built in for her,
but may interact as if she were one of the originals since she can use their remote.
Nor have I tried any modifications. Her walk is different also.
The walk is more feminine in that she has side to side hip movement lacking in the others.
She also does not talk but makes various 'emote' sounds that put her mood across well.

I also have a Vex Robotics system with several of the upgrades. I need more structure, but have a working autonomous platform.
I built it on the optional tank treads for maximum terrain versatility. I also added the sonic rangefinder in the front.
I'm short on structure parts to add a hand on the arm, but now desire the Claw option they sell.
Pictures will be added soon.

I would like to hear from anyone interested in controlling robots with home computers,
Also anyone having info on adding an arm to HERO Jr.
It was an option back when they were in production, So it shouldn't be Too hard. {Ya, Right}

If you have similar robots or interests send a message via email. address is ramjet at metrocast dot net.

I will answer mail as soon as possible. I will fix reported errors in the page as soon as I can.

Why not More and Bigger pics?

There Will be More Pics of my Robots here as soon as I get them done.
Also I don't want the page to take too long to load. Let me know if you think it's dragging.

Have You heard of Robot Wars?

ROBOTWARS is a competition in California between Remote Controlled Robots.
It is Not for the weak of heart! The Robots are split into Weight categories,
And create mayhem upon each other in a Special Arena ( Which also has a few nasty surprises in it! ).

There are also Special categories for AI robots and robots using legs!

Set your search Engine on "Robot Wars" for the URL's to the main site and several Competitors sites. Or Try these Links:

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