Welcome to Ramjets GRIDPOINT

Greetings and welcome to the Sixth World from Ramjet, as I'm generally known when playing Shadowrun on IRC.
I have a few bits of info that I'd like to share with you.
And ya can peek at my characters background if ya want... And No, I don't always spell correctly...
So shoot me.
Just remember, I shoot back. And I generally hit my targets. . . . . HARD. . . . .

OK, I've been fiddling with SR since version 1 came out, I have the SCANS to prove it,
Rocker char from SR1   Front cover art from VR1  Street Samurai book back cover
Some of you old-timers may recognise these from the old days...

Anyway, I never got to play a lot until oh, early 1998.
Since then I can't count the hours logged into #Shadowrun or such channels on IRC,
and I'm in a weekly game at the local college. All playing my only finished character...Ramjet.
I just never seem to get motivated on finishing another character.
I have a couple started, but the drive is missing...
My Decker Ramjet is the most complete character I've ever RP'd as a beginning character,
the concept of him having been tweeked since version 1 of SR...
He was completely redone under VR2 rules, but I dont use all the optional stuff yet, And now there is new stuff out.!
However, SR3 uses the basic VR2 rules so the conversion should be easier than most other characters.

I mentioned Downloads... Well I have a few IF you need these,
You see, I run an Amiga system, So most of them are for Amiga's:
a VR2 cyberdeck builder , a VR2 Security Sheaf generator
a cyberdeck generator for windoze
Oh Yeah, I gotta offer you the funniest MP3 I've heard...
a windoze 'Start 'em up' parody. Named Win95sux.mp3
Feel Free to download and use these as thats what they are for,
But they aren't written or coded by me, So I take no responsibility for them. They do work fine on my system.

Feel free to drop me a line at Ramjet
Suggestions on improving my website are always welcome.

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