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Welcome to my Home page, Designed and Programmed by Me using my Amiga Computer.

Since the Web is Supposed to be totally Cross Platform, I am hand Coding this page to run on all possible Browsers. Not just the Big two. No M$ extents anim

However, There are Graphics, since most browsers support them, And the pages look pretty Dull without them.

Pic of my new Remote Control Propjet

This is a picture of my latest RC aircraft, I've been having a blast flying it!

This one goes around a hundred miles per hour full blast! It sure eats up sky in a hurry at that speed.

click the Radio Control button below to see more of them.
There Will be More & Different Graphics here as soon as I get the Time. They will NOT be an integral part of any page since some systems & browsers are text only.

Whats Here?

Basically Just all about my Hobbies in no particular order.
Perhaps we have something in common?
And Yes, I'm a busy Guy.
JumpGate Logo Anim

To start off I'd like to give some credit. I'm happy to have access to a SCI-FI store called Jumpgate.
The Novels, RPG's, collectables, Video's, & so much more there continue to draw me back.
The Owner, Hector, was always a big help when I'm hunting something thats hard to find.
God Bless, Hector, We miss you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thanks again, Hector. This is for you ------------------------>
The full 300 frame one loads too slow.
This one looks too fast..I'm working on it...

. . . . If you are interested in seeing all the versions of this and other anims Im working on, Drop me a line at ramjet @ metrocast dot net

One Hobby that isn't yet represented here yet is my Star Trek collection.
I have everything from Action Figures thru models to Yo-Yo's in there. All Star Trek.
It's gotten way out of control & is temporarily in storage while I hunt larger housing...

This website last updated on Jan 23, 2010.

I will answer mail if I have the time. I will fix problems in the page as soon as I can.
( I'm learning more code every day.)

I have been told the text on my page is too BIG, So, I set it down a bit, Check your Browsers default font size settings,
As I have used NO SPECIFIC FONT or SIZE commands at all on most of the pages.
Increasing or Reducing the Browsers Defaults or your windows defaults will resize the text.

Excluding the Name brands and Products noted,
This Site and it's contents are copywrite and Property of the Author
For permission to re-use or copy any of this material, Leave E-Mail at ramjet @ metrocast dot net

P.S. I'm retired US military and I fear for the future of our Great Country.
The last 2 administreations have been selling our future to China.
PLEASE! Look at the labels on your purchases, many are available Made in the USA
As one example; No Name light bulbs, next to the GE and Sylvalia bulbs on the shelf.
These are made in the states, by the workers the Big Companies laid off, in the factories they sold off.
They cost less than the name brands, and work just as good AND Give a decent wage to AMERICANS.

So stop buying the name brands, look at where it was made. Buy American or at least North American made products.
Now someone will point at my Nissan and say hey, what about that.
It was built in Tennisee by Americans. The only major part not made here is the transmission, it was made in Canada.

Now, Down here I give tribute where I feel it is deserved.

Crystal Singer Trilogy covers
This site is a bit dated, but contains some gems from the world of Crystal Singer.
This is a long time favorite set of books by Anne McCaffery, Long live the Dragon Lady !
Too bad she never made more in this series, I really liked them.

My current favorite Author is John Ringo
I move from series to series, John is a very good writer for us Military Sci-Fi junkies.
I'm working through the Legacy of the Aldenata right now, but my Favorites are the Troy Rising series.
I'm afraid I don't have a thumbnail that can do him justice. Honestly, I don't feel the cover art does these books justice

I also feel I owe Kudo's to David Weber for the majority of his works, especially the Honor Harrington series.
David has a long and interesting tale in this series, which just keeps growing.